After Covid

Covid took away so much from this world.
But it gave back one thing we had lost.
For the first time in past seven years after college,
No one is busy.
Everyone is free to dive into their thoughts.
Pick up a painting brush and pour the dreams on a canvas.
Scribble a poem and let out the emotions,
Chit chat without checking your watch; because you are not busy tomorrow.

Yes!this was the situation of the fortunate few.
When we got our time back,
majority lost their source of life.
When the busy world stood still,
they slept hungry under the roofless sky, and
they walked miles ,because they wanted to be home.
We are happy because we have money in our accounts.
But it had disappeared from the hands of the poor.

When this is all over, don’t go back to the way we lived.
Where those who had , had more than enough.
Where those who didn’t had nothing.
Where the animals were going extinct.
Where the nature was being ruthlessly massacred.
Where no one had time for anyone.
NO!not back to the normal before lock down.

To a normal, where everyone have enough.
Where the rivers get cleaner day by day.
Where all can breathe fresh air.
Where we can co-exist.
Where there is time.
Remember, world doesn’t require us humans.
We require the world.
But like the many, I am also confused.
How to?
Like us think.
Because now we have time.